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Gap detector - MTF

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Find gaps when price breaks structure. Automatically. Every time.

  • No need to guess about best entries every time - every retest is clearly shown
  • Allow gaps to overlap, with the detail of M5/M15 against the aggregated data of H1/H4
  • Use your existing entry criteria with this indicator for better R

In terms the ICT Crowd might be familiar with, it's a FVG following BOS.

There's an option to switch off the BOS/structure break filter, but it's only recommended for higher timeframes.

It is a multi timeframe, MTF, indicator - see H1 gaps on M1, for detailed resolution of higher timeframe trades.

The indicator is designed with a Unique ID system to overlay multiple instances of the indicator, each set at different timeframes (H4, H1, M15, M5) to be viewed on any timeframe. They can be custom colour, fill or outline, sized as long as you want in the selected timeframe's bars (5 bars with H1 selected shows it for 5 hours on M1, for example).


Circles in the images highlight where retests occurred in a consolidation range. The same thing happens in trends, where gaps are covered on the retrace, this is a great entry spot.

Demo video to come.

Buyer bonus

Buyers can join the private Discord server and indi-specific channel for more information on how best to use it. To discuss with existing users the best practices.

Copies are limited to 100 while I collect initial feedback. It is likely the price will increase after that point.

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Gap detector - MTF

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